Arabian gulf name facts

Q: Why is the name Arabian gulf so important?

A: It is not only important but it is the matter of our national interest. The Arabian gulf is not just a name, it is much more than that. The name symbolizes the Semitic history of middle east.

Q: Dr. Ali Al Tamimi, as an researcher what have you done to provide authentic sources to prove your idea through mass media?


A: Good question! As a researcher am working with the Arabian Gulf Studies Centre (AGSC), leading non-governmental organization on Arabian Gulf and Middle East topics, for the past four years. That the correct and standard geographical name of this waterway is Arabian Gulf. Many people are emotionally involved in this case, the name issue, but there is no need, because we have a very strong case; we have the upper hand. I am ready for any debate concerning this issue, anytime, anywhere.

Q: You have been active to introduce the realities and documents to the world about the name Arabian Gulf for many years. Do you believe you have done enough?


A: Of course not! Arabian Gulf Studies Centre needs more budget! I will promise you here that if the government or private sectors solve our budget problem.

Q: Could you please name some of the reliable authentic sources on the name of Arabian Gulf?


A: First, you can check out the name of Arabian gulf on tens of of historical maps in this site.

Q: Why some people still use the fake name of the gulf as P e r s I a n gulf ?

A: The problem started when British empire invaded Persia and toke control of the country and attack three independent countries was already establish, Emirate Al Ahwaz, Mahabad Republic and Baluchistan republic, And create what so called today iran, And to fight the influence of Arabs in the Arabian Gulf they force the fake name in there documentations, But now people released the historical fact of the Gulf since 8000 years that Semitic Arabs are controlling the waterways and trades in the region.

Q: What about Ottomans ?

A: In the the Ottoman era. On the other hand, Turkey’s most famous and number one atlas is called “Buyuk Atlas” by Professor Sabri Duran who uses the name Basra gulf “Basra Korfezi” And that was the common name at that time witch also refer to Arabian Gulf.

Q: Finally, Whats the problem with iran trying to change the historical facts?


A: The persians problem is they are lack of self-confidence, And self-image, The word Khalej  خليج  Is Arabic word, With respect to all humans they don’t even have alphabet and its hard to talk with uncivilized people who want to change the history and the facts,  And during the last 1100 years no persian leader have ruled iran mostly originally Afghans and Turk and Arabs, So we understand the inner issue of the persians minded.